Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring often inspires us to de-clutter and reorganize ourselves after the winter hibernation. Don’t just clean out your living space, give your nutrition some extra special attention. This is the perfect time to spring clean your diet. Take these 5 simple steps to revamp your diet and reset yourself nutritionally. After all spring means swim suit season is just around the corner!

Go Fresh: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Find weekly nearby farmers markets to stock up on what you need.  You may even consider a CSA  (community supported agriculture). A CSA is an agreement between consumers and farmers. You pay a fee upfront, and in return you receive seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables each week (during the growing season). Not only are you supporting local farmers this way, but it also allows you to try things you may not otherwise :).

Clean out your pantry and freezer: Take the foods you know you are just never going to eat and put them aside. While you are at it, take a look and see if you have  foods you shouldn’t be eating anyway, and have them join your pile. Please, don’t throw anything away if it can be donated to a local food pantry or shelter.

Decrease your sugar and salt intake: Going fresh and riding your pantry/freezer of undesirable foods will allow this to happen without even trying.

Drink more water: If you are drinking a lot of juice or soda, stop! These are empty calories, with zero nutritional value. If you don’t enjoy water stock up on some lemons or limes, and add a wedge to make it more exciting. I also really enjoy water infusers. You can add a variety of fruits and herbs to enhance the flavor of your h20!

Aim for color: The more colors you eat, the more nutrients you are consuming. Try to get two separate colors from fruits and veggies at each meal!

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